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injector, RN BSN

Book online  |  512 - 435 - 9140 

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IM shots These are single shots and take only a few minutes. best results are seen with regular treatments

MIC + B Complex - this skinny shot will have you energized and help you stay on track with nutrition and eating. It helps with with appetite control, fat metabolism and increased energy
B12, Immune Boost - cut your cold durations or boost your immune system after a stressful week, travel or being exposed to illness

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

A 45-minute session leaving you feeling your best, most hydrated, boosted self! Pair with a vitamin therapy for best results: Choose Custom IV (3 ingredients): Detox, Inner Beauty, Meyer's Cocktail or Immunity Boost


Lip Enhancement
Cheek Filler
$650/syringe or $1,100 for 2 syringes
Lip Flip (Stand Alone)
8-Point Lift
Call for Pricing
Semaglutide (Medical Weight Loss)
Call for Pricing
Radio Frequency with Microneedling
Series of 3 for $1,100


WHAT MARLA DOES  |  With more than 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Marla has worked everywhere from the trauma operating room to the most-respected plastic surgery centers in southern California. She’s a total “geek” for injections with the utmost respect for that “natural look” from brows to the perfect pout.

WHO MARLA IS  |  Marla loves all things family and exploration in the city of Austin and in the Hill Country. She’s an avid traveler, always searching for her next adventure. When not traveling, working or “momming” - Marla loves to work on home renovation and expanding her knowledge of of Aesthetic medicine.

My favorite TV show is Ted Lasso.

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