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Marla Barczewski, RN, BSN has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. She spent many of those years in the Trauma OR. After years of being on call, Marla was given an opportunity to work in one of Southern California’s busiest and most respected Plastic Surgery Centers. It was there that her love for Aesthetics was born. After 15 years of working in that Center, Marla and her family moved to TX in 2016 and she decided to blend her Plastic Surgery experience with Aesthetics and provide Medical Aesthetics to the community through Lake Travis Aesthetics. All of the procedures at LTA are medically cleared by an MD.


Marla provides Anti Wrinkle Injections (such as Dysport and Botox), Dermal Filler, Vitamin IV therapy (IV drip to boost immunity or help in detox or recovery) and Skinny Shots/Vitamin Shots. Text or Call Marla to talk more or book your appointment 512.435.9140


“What I love most about being an Aesthetics Nurse is helping people find their own best-selves, not making people look like someone else. We all have a unique beauty and sometimes, it just takes someone to help you enhance that beauty and gain back your confidence."

Medical Director:
Dr. J Polumbo
B12 - Immune Boost
Cut your cold durations or boost your immune system after a stressful week, travel or being exposed to illness.  

MIC + B Complex
This skinny shot will have you energized and help you stay on track with nutrition and eating will can help with appetite control, fat metabolism, and increased energy.  

These are single shots.  Appointment takes a few minutes.  Best results are seen with regular treatments.  

$35 each

Lip Filler (1cc syringe)
Lip Filler (.5cc syringe)
Cheer Filler (each syringe)


Choose detox, inner beauty, Meyer's Cocktail, Immunity Boost.  This 45min session will leave you feeling your best, hydrated and boosted with one of our special vitamin therapies.


Marla typically is booked out 1 week in advance


Call or text 512-435-9140 to book an appointment


* I'm not ready to make an appointment just yet but I have a question

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